Set 6 boîtes Nalgene boite de rangement

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Nalgene Travel Kit (Small)

The containers in this kit meet the new requirements. Made of sturdy HDPE, PP and PETG. A selection of (4) guaranteed leakproof, durable bottles with independent screw-on caps and (2) storage jars. Dishwasher safe (top rack). Here at Nalgene we have very high standards when it comes to calling a container leakproof. We fill up the container and the pressurize it. If it does not leak we consider it to pass the test and be worthy of being called leakproof. We test the jars by filling them with water and then turning them upside down. If no water comes out we consider the jar to pass the test. So jars will hold liquid but they are not held to as high a standard as the bottles. The jars may be a better choice for thicker liquids such as lotions or gels. And of course they are great for Tums, or Advil.

From left to right:The bottle with blue cap is a ounceSquare bottle w/red cap is 2 ouncesRound bottle w/green cap is 2 ouncesTwo straight sided jars, 2 ounces eachClear square bottle is 1 ounceMade with HDPESturdy and reliableEconomicalDishwasher Safe (top rack only)Withstands temperatures from -100 C (-148 F) to 120 C (248 F)

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